X9c103 circuit

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X9c103 circuit

Let's use the ready module which costs less than 1 dollar. Description of digital potentiometer type X9C A potentiometer, or a variable resistor, is an electrical device that allows you to change the resistance of an electric current. The classical mechanical potentiometer consists of two terminals, between which the third is located - the movable "sliding". Moving the moving pin, we change the resistance between it and each of the fixed pin. An electronic potentiometer is an analog of a mechanical potentiometer, but with a number of advantages: it has no mechanical parts, it can be controlled remotely using, for example, a microcontroller, and it is significantly smaller in size.

x9c103 circuit

Potentiometers are widely used in various electronic devices where it is necessary to adjust the voltage during operation. For example, as trimmers when setting up circuits, as volume controls in audio devices or lighting controls in lighting devices.

X9C104 Digital Potentiometer with Arduino Uno (X9C102, X9C103)

Chinese friends sell them for less than 2 dollars. In the name of the potentiometer X9C, three digits mean the value and the number of zeros, which must be attributed to the value to get the nominal value. The control of the position of the "movable" output is carried out using a series of negative impulses.

Each pulse shifts the resistance value by 1 step upwards or downwards. The potentiometer is controlled by three lines:. Load this sketch into the memory of the Arduino board.


With the help of a logic analyzer, let's see if it was possible to observe the timing diagram of the potentiometer control:. It can be seen that completely. This allows not to introduce any coefficients for converting interest into impulses. If now with the help of a multimeter to check the resistance between the central and one of the final conclusions, then we will fix the change in resistance.

For clarity, I will apply a voltage of 5 volts between the end terminals of the potentiometer, and I will connect an oscilloscope to the center contact. The photos and videos below illustrate the result. June 16, Daniil Zhuk.Latest Projects Education.

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X9C103P Basic Operation

A schematic might help. I can't quite picture where the pot's wiper-pin goes. ADC Preamp. JWHassler's got me into thinking that, somehow, somewhere between the wiper out and my ADC Preamp, something went wrong.

So now i'm stuck! Staring at my shematic and double check my wiring, wondering why its not working with AC input. Anyone have a thought? Must have been a short somewhere that's been resolved by reconnecting everything.

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Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. These devices consist of a resistor array and some analog switches that select combination of resistors to give the desired resistance.

Please have look at the following diagram:. As it can be seen in the above diagram, the device has 6 pins except for power pins. Three pins on the left are the pins which control the wiper of the potentiometer.

Then, the value of this counter is fed to a 1 of decoder, which controls the gates of transistors to connect the desired resistor to the wiper. Controlling the digital potentiometer seems easy, although I am not able to achieve success. After you are happy with the result, you will go to standby mode and shut down the logic inside the X9C You have two options; you can either save the current state in the non-volatile memory of the chip, or not save.

Here is my schematic that I use to achieve success. However, I cannot achieve success. So, for now, I have written a code that moves wiper down times and moves wiper up times.

Code for the PIC16F microcontroller is below. I have tried returning to sleep without storing after each movement of wiper, however that did not change the result. Here is a quote from the datasheet about it:. The RTOTAL value for the device can temporarily be reduced by a significant amount if the wiper is moved several positions. However this value differs from one IC to other. It jumps around 1. Also, I have bought some brand new ICs and they have the same problem. So, it is clear that I have problem either with my circuit or my code.

They start to increment with bigger steps.

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Here are scope shots of pin 5, Rwiper, showing wiper movement, as you can see it only goes up to about 1. What causes this odd behaviour? As a first step, make sure you are measuring what you think you are measuring. Disconnect the wiper from the PIC input pin, in case leakage current from the PIC pin is influencing your measurements.

If this actually is the problem, the normal solution is to drive the load the PIC input from a low impedance source, i.

How to initialize cudnn

This would normally be a "rail to rail" opamp input and output voltages can swing to the supply rails wired in unity gain configuration. But also check that the PIC software is setting that pin up correctly as an input!We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website.

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Abstract: Wien Bridge Oscillator low distortion Wien Bridge Oscillator application of Wien Bridge Oscillator amplitude controlled Wien Bridge Oscillator used wien bridge Wien Bridge Oscillator application Variable frequency digital oscillator full bridge mosfet oscillator circuit "FET based feedback" gain control amplifier Text: inadvertently bumped out of adjustment.

Xicor X9C Wien Bridge. The topologynull for every 10 cycles of NADJ. Because the X9C has resolved settings, the techniqueX9C with no other changes. Power Amplifier Biasing The day may be near when every amplifiercircuits. OK, Thanks We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website.

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X9C103P Digital Pot As Voltage Divider Problem (SOLVED)

Avnet Americas 3. Intersil Corporation X9CP.I claim no particular strength in electronics or the skills associated with constructing neat things. Perhaps it is the enduring struggle to comprehend the simplest of RTL circuitry that led to this digitally controlled potentiometers. I found no Instructable for the X9CP however these 8-pins seemed within my scope and I cobbled together the project I will describe below. After completing my tinkering I discovered the topic in this Arduino forum.

There an author includes a library for this IC. The ambitions for this project were to examine the device as a voltage divider and contemplate its applications in my simple or wilder Arduino schemes. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Specification sheet for X9CP here.

x9c103 circuit

The fritzing diagram shows a board with tie points for clarity. The purpose of my first coding was to achieve the simple movement of the wiper and confirm this 'working' with some visual output. Since there is little benefit to this primitive code, the included sketch is the subsequent rendition that includes a simple user control interface. The sketch requires no library.

The comments in the sketch listing should provide an inkling of the purpose. The code has been kept quite simple and there is no claim that the values used for delays are well founded. It could be noted that the code makes special mention of avoiding the use of non-volatile storage. It is however equally possible the X9CP specification sheet has been misread. The storage of a desired wiper position in non-volatile memory is not in the scope of this Instructable.

The screen captures show the results that would be expected.

Circuit Building Using Variable Resistor (Potentiometer )

The listing on the right shows the result if the non-volatile memory had been written with the wiper position 50 and the Arduino powered off then on. The X9CP performs quite well as a potentiometer. Also the real estate required for the digital potentiometer is comparable to most mechanical pieces, still recognizing a mechanical POT has many variations in size and orientation that may suit a particular situation.

The suitable application of the X9CP as a variable component of some circuitry is not obvious to me. First a significant characteristic of the device is the programmable, non-volatile wiper position; this value cannot be communicated to the micro controller. Second, the wiper position can be altered adjusted without storage and this value is retained while the IC is powered.

An Arduino reset does not recall the non-volatile wiper position. Hence, my conclusion is that the Intersil X9CP is not an obvious choice for circuits and applications based on micro controllers such as the Arduino. Reply 4 weeks ago. Me to and try this and gives a lot of zeros Question 3 months ago. Could you help me?

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x9c103 circuit

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